Nova Institute requires evidence of your financial capacity to meet your expenses

The information below will assist you to calculate required funds.


(All financial amounts expressed in this checklist are in Australian dollars only)

Required funds

Funds required for your tuition and living costs (In addition to fees already paid)


Add for accompanying dependents

Spouse or partner Please add $6 300

First dependant Please add $3 600

Each additional dependant Please add $2 700


Source of funds
You are required to provide certified evidence in both the original language, and a version in English, of your source of funds for the total amount above.

Acceptable evidence includes:

» Bank statements or deposit certificates

» Financial statements

» A signed undertaking from a private sponsor that includes an explanation of the relationship between the applicant and sponsor and evidence of financial capacity.

Proof of relationship documents, photo ID and signature of sponsor are required

Face to face classes will commence on 5/11/2021 in Victoria. Students must be fully vaccinated to attend face to face classes.